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“Ohio’s rich prehistoric heritage holds a unique place in the cultural history of North America. From the time of the last glacier, the Ohio area was inhabited by a succession of prehistoric people who left a legacy of their passing unparalled anywhere on the continent. Some of the most important cultures of prehistory were formed and reached their apogees in Ohio. Cultural development over the entire eastern United States was influenced by Ohio cultures..." Read more >>

Archaeology Sites of Ohio

The numerous archaeological sites across the state of Ohio demonstrate a rich prehistoric and historic Indian past. Click here to learn more.

Identifying Prehistoric Artifacts

Flint Guide Thumbnail

The ASO store carries several books on Ohio Flint Types, Ohio Slate Types, and Prehistoric Stone Tools. We have also developed a Simplified Guide to Identifying Ohio Flint Types, found here. The free, simplified guide contains line drawings of most of the Ohio flint tools and is a good starting point to help you identify flint tools.

To learn more about identifying prehistoric artifacts, click here.

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